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F.A.Q. thousands of websites used our submission service


Why to carry out a fee-paying professional submission?

As there are hundreds of thousands search engines in the world, one needs more time than any available.

How does the submission take place?

Our personnel singles out the insertion form and carries out the submission, even in a manual way if necessary.

I have no credit card

No problem. Send a non-negotiable cheque to:

SVHS - Via P. Nenni, 7 - 21012 Cassano Magnago (Va)

Remember to send your email.  

I prefer to make a money transfer


How will the submission affect the page rank of my website?

To be submitted in the search engines, FFAs and especially in the directories increases the amount of links. The more are the links the higher is the page rank.

Will all engines have my website listed?

Regardless of the report, each engine reserves itself the right to insert the websites or not, according to its inner logics. This is a further reason why it is better to submit the largest number of engines possible.

How much time to be listed?

We immediately start. Engines need from days to weeks.

Which keywords will you use?

Our personnel of technicians will extract the keywords directly from the page due to be submitted. If necessary, we will contact you via e-mail.

How do the mutual links to  work?

It is a way of promoting the customers loyalty, our thank you for trusting us. And it allows us to increase the links to our website. After three months our technicians detect all links to your website, check if the link to  is still on your website, and insert it again in the submission queue. Thus they carry out a further free submission of your website of the same amount already paid.

What are the metatags?

They are html codes, staying in the head part of the page. In particular TITLE, DESCRIPTION and KEYWORD report the content of the website to the engine. Not all engines take them into consideration.

What is a robot or spider?

It is a program that automatically runs through the plot of the Net, indexing websites. It is called spider because of the term web.

Some search engines have a fee-paying submission (i.e. Yahoo Lycos etc.), will I be on those as well?

If a search engine confined itself to publish only the paying websites its database would be so limited to be useless for a consultation. It would disappear from all charts. Even the fee-paying engines rely on wider databases, where we can arrive through different ways. It is then mostly sure that the submission of your website will take place even in the fee-paying engines.

I'm a webmaster, can I cooperate with you?

Yes, if you intend to submit on a methodical basis or on a large scale for many websites we have discounts and ways of cooperation for webmasters, contact us:

Is it possible to submit all the pages of my website..?

If you want to get more than three submissions, contact us directly to take advantage of our discounts.

How can I get to know if you submitted my website?

Many engines send confirmations of executed submission or requests of confirmation for the submission. This must be multiplied to the number of engines, directories and F.F.A. It could be even necessary to quit the interested email box afterwards. We provide a report with the total amount of the links to your website before the submission and three months after it.

Shall I necessarily give my email box, where to receive confirmations and spam?

If you prefer to avoid receiving confirmations and spam in your email box, just tell us. We will manage to use another email box.


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